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Since 1819, VIDEX Garden

The company Meyer-Lueters was first registered in 1819 and recorded as working with and manufacturing products from straw. Their main products were straw hats. From that first registration the Meyer family has been in continuous ownership through succeeding generations to the present day.

firmengeschichte in englischThe company is now located in North Germany in Bassum near Bremen.

The area is agricultural with cereal crops being the main production. In 1819 there was an abundance of long straw ideal for hats and other products.

Conrad Meyer had established the company making straw hats and the second generation of the family extended the use of straw, manufacturing hand bags, mats for the floor and table etc.

Hats remained the most important product and new designs were successfully launched in fashionable Vienna and Paris.

By the 1930`s they were exporting to America as well as all other countries in Europe.

The manufacture of straw based products continued tomeyer-lueters expand with development in products designed for use in the garden, which would form the basis of future development.

The second world war was the end of this phase of the company development. Afterwards with the introduction of new type of cereal production which produced much shorter straw it's use was no longer possible and the company looked to the new plastic materials which had recently been developed.

Plastic materials were used to make matting, screening and similar products for use in garden and leisure areas. This was the beginning of their post war development.


Development has been continuous with the introduction of metalworking facilities to produce a range of metal products, expansion of the plastic extrusion facilities and in keeping with the progressive development of the company a move into natural products, willow, reed, heather and bamboo.

Production facilities in Hungary and Poland complete the present picture.

That is the present, the future will see more development of products and facilities all aimed at garden and leisure.

Videx Garden Gmbh & Co. KG
have an unrivalled reputation for service to their customers it is their guiding principle.


Videx Garden has sales organisation covering the whole Germany and neighbouring East and West European countries.



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